Brendy Leith

Brendy Leith

Brendy Leith

Brendy is an extreme touch enthusiast and has been exploring over the years the affect this sort of intimacy has with our connection to self and others. Relating with conscious touch can be a doorway to an expansive evolution with each other.

Diving into studies for Remedial Massage at the SSNT Australia, Brendy began his fascination with the human anatomy and began to build foundations in musculoskeletal assessment, joint mobilisation, passive movement and muscle energy techniques.

Brendy’s fascination drew towards the eastern tradition of Chinese medicine, following into studies with Shiatsu at the Australian Shiatsu College. Brendy’s natural sensitive and gentle nature synchronised well with this deeper energetic work, now incorporating both western and eastern philosophy into treatments.

Brendy’s heart lies with providing this therapy within nature, working different festivals and events across Australia, where touch is most needed and nature is also playing part in the healing process.


Therapeutic Shiatsu

A blend of Deep Tissue Massage and Zen Shiatsu. Performed on a futon, close to the earth, with the use of palms, thumbs, forearms, elbow, knees and feet gently applying pressure down the Meridian Lines to stimulate the Qi and allow passage for clear flow.The treatment can be observed as a form of dynamic yoga, using a lot of deep stretching and joint mobilisation to relieve any tension and stagnation.

With a strong focus on holding safe space to allow a deep sense of surrender within the body and mind, the treatment can leave you with a certain wholeness, stillness and grounding.

Therapeutic Massage

This massage treatment is designed for people wanting more specific results or who have deep seated tension built up. Based on a massage table, the treatment focuses on decreasing pain, increasing range of motion and overall well being. Techniques such as joint mobilisation, myofascial release, MET's, deep tissue, stretching and trigger point therapy are used throughout blended with a gentle and nurturing flow that guides the healing process.

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage has deep therapeutic benefits. With techniques through Swedish massage, deep tissue and lymphatic drainage. Relaxation massage is targeted for those who are after a more gentle form of touch, The space is held safely and with gentle intentions.

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