Brian Cervera

Brian Cervera

Brian Cervera

Brian Cervera from Catalonia has a sports and exercise background, training at respected establishments such as Academy Quiros in Vinaros and with other respected experts such as Pruna Ricard, head medic at  Barcelona Football club.

From there, he has gone on to work with a number of people including competing athletes at sports events and at Ulldecona F.C., those with work-related injuries in Wales and those at festivals as diverse as Glastonbury Festival, Buddhafields and One Tribe Festival.


Sports Massage

Sports Massage for injury recovery and rehabilitation, pain relief and muscular tension release. This can include posture analysis, deep tissue massage, stretches, vacuum cupping therapy and more.

Deep Tissue

Deep massage for relief of aches, pain and tension. It includes a combination of trigger point release and Thai Medicine Massage (Wat Po school).

Relaxation Massage

Massage for relaxation including releasing muscular tension, improving circulation and rejuvenating the skin, body and mind.

Reflexology (Ingham Method)

Working with reflex areas in the foot to promote homeostasis of the body and induced relaxation.



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