Bruna Gomes Correia

Bruna Gomes Correia

Bruna Gomes Correia

Graduated in Holistic Body Therapist course, focusing on Naturopathy and Massotherapy by Holistic Humaniversity School in São Paulo. I am a reikian and co-organizer of Bast’s Circle Women, founded in 2016 and I am dedicated to study the Sacred Female. I develop a work that proposes the integration of the individual in contact with their balance and well-being through alternative techniques. I am part of a group called ChillOut “Chillaz de Amor” (Chillaz of Love): a collective that unite music and therapies in trance festivals. I worked in festivals in Brazil as Enchanted Forest and Gamaya, acting as massotherapist and chakra therapist.

Indian Massage

Touch is a therapeutic instrument, the imposition of hands and their movements are fields of energy that extend beyond the skin, stimulating and increasing the healing of those who receive in their need. The set of touches provides benefits that are exerted on the body. The effects determined by massage are: promoting well-being, helping with stress control, relieving tension, helping to fight anxiety, relieving muscle pain, stimulating blood circulation.

Alignment of Chakras

Therapy based on the teachings of India, yoga and tantra, the chakras are our center of energy, having as main function the capture, storage and distribution of vital energy, prana, by our body. They are the organs of our soul and reveal how we should walk in tune with what the soul tells us. With emphasis on the 7 main chakras, the study is based on Hindu holy scriptures, maintaining the original 7 centers, addressing their ways of clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation and the correct functioning of each energy center.

Keeping these centers in balance helps to maintain health and a healthy, prosperous and happy life. Attendance based on the philosophy of naturopathy, encompasses several therapies and principles of dowsing with the use of pendulum, therapy with crystals and chromotherapy.


Reiki considers that universal vital energy can be channeled through the laying of hands on a person. The benefits are: relief of muscle pain, replacement of vital energy, relaxing, calming, and the improvement of sleep quality, strengthens the body system among others.

Auricular acupuncture

It is a therapeutic method that uses the ear for energy evaluation and treatment of several sickness through the insertion of needles. The ear pavilion is connected to the various areas of the body through the energy channels and nervous system. Despite its effectiveness, this treatment has the advantage of being fast, theoretically simple and without side effects. Used to alleviate pain and to treat various physical, mental, and emotional conditions.



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