Catarina Raiz de Carvalho

Catarina Raiz de Carvalho

Catarina Raiz de Carvalho

Cat is a SeaGoat, loves the mountains, grew by the Sea.

Her connection with the Earth and its Creatures has always been one of deep Respect and Love.

Graduated as an Environmental Engineer, she's worked with children, environmental & wildlife NGOs and companies, helping to heal the Human connection with Mother Earth.

Since 2006 she’s lived and studied in Greece, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Portugal, diving into the studies of Abhyanga and Thai Yoga Massage (inc. Pregnancy and Puerperium), Chi Nei Tsang, Watsu & Liquid Flow, Energotherapy, Magic Herbology and Alchemy; All integrated in a life enriched by the direct experience of Deep Ecology, Permaculture and Natural building.

She now lives in Sintra, between mountain and sea, where she devotes herself to a Magical garden, learning from the Plants and their Powers, offering treatments in the areas she has studied... Onward with learning... onward in healing the Self and Humans' connection with Mother Earth...

Surrendering, in Love, to the Oneness of it All.



Thai Toga massage

* Thai Yoga massage * Its theoretical foundation is based on the concept of invisible energy lines running through the body, the 10 Sen mainlines, and that by working on these we can break existing blockades and stimulate the free flow of Prana, helping to restore general well-being and therefore allowing a practical treatment for the whole body.

Thai Massage is practiced on a mat on the floor. The receiver wears loose and comfortable clothes that don’t restrict movement.

The therapists use their palms, feet, elbows, thumbs and knees to help free the tension trapped within the body.

This healing practice uses the body's natural life force to release the blockages, allowing freedom of movement again, through massage, acupressure and yoga like stretches.

In the Thai tradition the giving of massage is as a physical application of Metta or 'loving kindness' and is performed in a meditative mood, working with full awareness, mindfulness and concentration.


Emotional    *   Create emotional balance in lif, calm and relax the mind, help you gain mental clarity

Energetic    *   Release stress and anxiety, increase energy level and stamina, create a sense of wellness in life

Physical    *   Ease pain, stretch and lengthen the muscles, re-energize the body, increase the joint mobility, increase the blood circulation, boost the immune system


Thaiyurveda Love for pregnancy & puerperium*

A blend of the Ayurvedic use of medicated oils and the soft stretches of Thai massage, both based on the Yoga principles of restoring the body’s, through the work of the energy lines, for the free flow of Prana.

The use of oils assists in a caring relaxing approach, cultivating trust and surrender so precious in the moment of birth giving, while the stretching and soft pressure work of Thai massage facilitates essential elements of birth preparation as opening the body and working with rhythm.

This massage is specifically designed for pregnant women, as well as for post-partum stage, since it addresses chronic pain in the shoulders, neck, and upper and lower back, helps relieve common pregnancy discomforts and promote mother and baby’s well-being.

Being very gentle is effective by increasing energy, easing aches and pains, reducing fluid retention and releasing stress allowing a moment of calmness and relaxation.

Chi Nei Tsang * Internal Organ Massage

Detoxication and rejuvenation of vital organs * Also known as the Internal Organ Massage, is a powerful method of re-balancing the energy of the body.

Developed by Taoist monks thousands of years ago, this healing art was understood as a self healing opportunity promoted by a healing intention and specific applied touch to the abdominal region. It works primarily on the belly, below the ribs and above the pubic bone using a set of acupressure points around the navel to harmonize the functioning of internal organs.

Through it's holistic approach to the healing touch, integrates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being, going through the layers to the very origin of health problems, including psychosomatic manifestation and responses.

It is a specific traditional “hands on” technique for detoxification and rejuvenation of vital organs, enabling one to directly transform the build up of emotional energy, tensions and physical illnesses that can accumulate in the body.


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