Cláudia da Nova Jorge

Cláudia da Nova Jorge

Cláudia da Nova Jorge

Claudia has always loved nature but lived in the city until 2006. That year she began a new journey, moved to the countryside and started working on several projects: organic farming, natural construction and others.

Walking this new path in 2010 she has started studying Ayurvedic Massage. The use of oils medicated with plants attracted her to the medicinal plants.

In 2013/14 she went on to study medicinal, aromatic and parfum plants in a school in Provence (France), and made some internships with small producers. Combining the traditional uses with the scientific knowledge  she started to collect wild plants and create handmade preparations from medicinal plants.

Claúdia continued to study massage, found an excellent russian teacher, with whom she learned new techniques on back, spine massage. Other techniques came to her in more informal ways - exchanges with others therapists, books and always a lot of practice!


Ayurvedic Massage 

The ancient art of body therapy is the traditional Ayurvedic massage.

It is characterized by being a holistic massage technique that favours integration, balance and dynamic exchange between the mind and body. A complete massage from head to toe, characterized by the use of oils and doing stretches in certain areas of the body.


  • It stimulates the energies of the physical body
  • Balances the emotions
  • Facilitates self-knowledge. Fights stress
  • Recovers and maintains the physical and mental health
  • Extends the breathing capacity
  • Activates blood circulation
  • Retrieves the maximum level of vital energy, undoing their locks
  • Rebalances the energy in the chakras
  • Corrects body posture.
  • It adds up the positive effects of stretching, redistribution of energy and relaxation.

Russian Back Massage - Spine 

Massages are known by all people as curative and preventive method. Since ancient times they
are practiced in all regions of the world by all traditional peoples. From Russia to America, from East to West.

This massage incorporates techniques and manoeuvres of the main massages from East and West, one of the most complete to keep the spine in shape, being curative and preventive.
Russian’s back massage - Spine, uses proper techniques in order to activate blood circulation
(peripheral) and lymphatic (deep), increasing irrigation and relaxing all the muscles located in the back area. It is very good to fight inflammation.
It is indicated for alleviating pain, back pain lumbago, sciatica and those that came from all
the states of excessive stress. It is extremely beneficial to many problems, for example, to the symptoms that are due to blockages in the vertebrae: cervical, dorsal, lumbar.

Foot Massage

A long trip starts with a single step, Lao-tse (1324-1408 a.) Your feet walk on earth and through them your Spirit joins the universe. (Cherokee Indian)  A foot bath with Epsom salts and essential oils followed by a massage. An ancient practice of manually applying different pressures at points of the feet in order to stimulate the healing system of the body.

A form of therapeutic massage, the pressure with the fingertips in several specific points of the feet treats successfully various health problems. It allows gradual recovery of well-being, restores the normal flow of life energy (Chi), and activates curing mechanism that exists within each one of us.


  • Stimulates the lymphatic and immune system, promoting the release of toxins
  • Acts in the circulatory system, activating the blood circulation;
  • It acts on the nervous system, eliminating stress and fatigue;
  • Acts favourably on the musculoskeletal system to relieve stress



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