COURTNEY NELSON (Earthbound Healers)

Courtney has been practicing massage for over 5 years. She has experience in many different massage modalities as well as energy work. She has studied beyond her traditional schooling in order to be able to provide unique skilled massages such as Ashiatsu. Courtney has devoted her life to the healing of herself and others in hopes to see the world healing in a big way some day.


Ashiatsu Deep Tissue Massage

Ashiatsu means foot pressure. It is a massage modality in which the therapist uses overhead bars in order to massage clients with their feet. It is unique to traditional deep tissue because the surface of the foot is so broad. This allows for much deeper pressure without that sharp, pokey feeling of an elbow, not to mention the ability to utilized the entirety of bodyweight to increase pressure. Ashiatsu truly is the most relaxing deep tissue massage you’ll ever receive!


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