Cristina Moreira

Cristina Moreira

Cristina Moreira

Cristina is a certified Astrology Counsellor, a current member of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School (USA) and a Priestess initiated in the Magdalene Mysteries. PEACE CODICE, the name given to her work, came to mher through a dream while travelling through India in 2003. Weaving together Astrology, Shamanism and Inspirational Chanting, bringing awareness to the power of Ceremony and working with the Natural Cycles in order to optimize the flow of life is her inherent drive.

Having a degree in Tourism and Cultural Heritage has offered her the opportunity to travel and to gather a rich perspective and understanding of human nature which she has incorporated into her work. She spent 10 years in India, 2 years in Costa Rica and is now back in Portugal, where she holds Shamanic Moon Gatherings and ofer presencial and online Astrology Counselling sessions to clients from around the globe.



Astrology Readings

The sessions will start with a short interview in order to assess the best type of Astrology Reading according to individual needs and a blend is also possible. The options for the

Readings are:

  • Birth Chart ( general life purpose )
  • Life Cycle ( the present moment and near future )
  • Solar Return ( if you are close to your birthday )
  • Astrolocality ( if you are planning on travelling or relocating )

Astrology Readings are very effective in offering perspective in times of change in our lives, when at a crossroads or when things seem to not be flowing so well, but also as a general perspective of the Life ́s Journey.

By identifying emotional or behaviour patterns, potential gifts and challenges in thedifferent life scenarios and by integrating that information consciously in the personal life experience, a door opens to the evolutionary potential that is unique in each individual.

Readings are in English or Portuguese.


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