Daphna Mavor

Daphna Mavor

Daphna Mavor

Daphna is a senior Healer, Medicine Woman, speaker and holistic medicine practitioner. She combines therapeutic tools from the IPEC method, as well as kinesiology, energetic chakra healing, aura balancing, and Chinese acupressure.

Daphna is based in Berlin and Tel Aviv and teaches and leads workshops worldwide, as well as offering personal sessions for deep emotional growth and overcoming physical difficulties. She holds a BSc in biology, an MSc in epidemiology and public health, and is an academic researcher in the topics of women’s fertility, gynecological issues and psychosomatics.


The IPEC Method

An amazing Israeli method, which works to reprogram cell memory and the memory of the physical/emotional immune system. Starting with a Kinesiology diagnosis (“muscle testing”) to identify the issue, we then continue with acupressure of Meridians and Chakra balancing to reprogram the memory of the cells and eliminate physical or emotional trauma. It works very well for physical issues like allergies, digestive problems, psychosomatic diseases, migraines, headaches, chronic diseases, fertility and gynecological issues, deep emotional processes and traumas.

Healing Touch

This therapy is focused on energetic balancing the Chakras, mini-chakras, the layers of the aura, using energetic touch, crystals, stones and a pendulum. It works very well for physical or emotional pain, cleansing of patterns, spiritual growth, manifestations.



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