Dhyan Kabir

Dhyan Kabir

Dhyan Kabir

Being passionate about martial arts since young, he has practiced Karate, Capoeira, Kyusho and Taekwondo coming later on to finish his Bachelor’s degree in high performance Taekwondo training.

Dhyan  always envisioned martial arts as a whole and a pathway to human development. Their practice got him more in touch with his body, guiding him through mistakes and injuries, teaching him how to heal myself and how to share that sensation with others.

Then, he took the Ayurvedic Massage training with Geteesh and recently the fascial release techniques. Now he is  a student of Naturopathy.

For Dhyan, healing processes are a deep journey into ourselves and others..

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage is composed of vigorous and profound techniques combined with stretching. The therapist works on the body as a whole body stimulating the muscular system, increasing blood circulation and oxygenation of body tissues and its internal organs. Promotes better mobility and movement amplitude. For the mind It is calming and soothing allowing to more easily let go of stagnant old emotions and memories. The therapist makes use of base oil, essential oils and specific natural powder. Footwork might also be used.   

Myofascial Release

The fascia is a connective tissue which involves every organ, muscle, tendon and fiber even to the most cellular level. It has functions as support, aid in fluid circulation, protection and so on. Still it’s major importance is related with its ability to retain emotional states created on a traumatic situation. Being very sensitive to trauma, the fascia, will easily contract staying tight even after the remaining organs have been naturally repaired. The therapist will work on the fascia, both superficial and profound, through mostly gentle movements to help it regain it’s plasticity and fluid movement. Creating space, allowing emotional memories to be released, recovering harmony and equilibrium. The work will tend to all the body or some parts, as every case.


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