Diana Mohadjeri

Diana Mohadjeri

Diana Mohadjeri

The way to her heart began while traveling to Brazil. There, she lived in a holistic community named Living Gaia, based in the nature of Chapada dos Veadeiros, where she came in touch with spirituality and also with indigenes of the Amazon forest, performing spiritual ceremonies with them.

There she also lived a life without electricity, in the middle of nowhere, beginning to create a self-sustaining lifestyle. In our society, is can be sometimes difficult to follow the way of the heart, but she is practicing to listen more and more.

So when she came back to Germany, the Lomi Lomi massage came to her life and she felt right away that learning and practicing this kind of bodywork is a soulfull activity.

While practicing she found a way to give love and light to the world.

Lomi Lomi Massage

The Hawaiian Massage Lomi Lomi was practiced first by the native Hawaiians, the Kahunas. It was applied by their shamans and healers always in a ritual context. Nowadays also the western world knows about the power and the curative effect of this massage. The Lomi Lomi is used for cleaning and renewal on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level. The Kahunas spoke prayers during their massage and took up contact with their anticipates and spirits of nature.

For Hawaiians to be in contact with the Aloha Spirit mean to be in contact with the origin of being, the flow of life and in this way with love. Every massage is intuitively from person to person different. Sometimes it is dynamic and full of fire or fluently like water. At other times it is soft like a breath of air or if you need to be more grounded you will receive more earthy deep massage strokes.

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