Didier Fernandes

Didier Fernandes

Didier Fernandes

Didier is a holistic therapist based between Europe, Sri Lanka & India and offers therapies on retreats around the world. He offers multidisciplinary approaches that fuse bodywork, myofascial release, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual healing through Shamanic processing. He encourages and supports his clients in the release of tension, pain and blockages. Didier’s expertise allows him to create a sacred space where healing, trust, surrender and reconnection with the inner self can happen. Through active listening he uses different approaches to help people release their blockages, pain and fears, in order to reconnect with their hearts and ultimately live a more fulfilled life.

Soul Bodywork

Creating a Sacred space through invocation of healing energies and active listening, where all the therapies merge into an essence of Mindful touch, offering an experience like no other.  A fusion of different therapies that work at the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level with the aim of treating the body as well as changing negative concepts and belief systems opening for emotional release. The process can merge different Bodywork Techniques as Shiatsu, Ayurvedic massage, Swedish, Deep tissue, Zen Thai massage, Reflexology, Trigger point Therapy & energetic healing work as Reiki, Shamanic Healing and Light language. All this are integrated through the lens of Shamanic processing.

Zenthai Shiatsu 

Elemental fusion between the Art of Zen Shiatsu and Thai Massage with touches of Osteopathy. With rhythmic balancing movements and deep slow pressure, we invite the mobilization of joints and release of tension in the body through harmonics and stretches, the use of our own body to guide the other into letting go. The fusion of the ancient wisdom from Japan and Thailand will work deeply in restoring your energy, releasing tension, creating alignment and bringing the mind to a state of Stillness.

Deep Ayurvedic Flow Massage

The Wisdom from Ancient India merges with deep tissue and trigger point therapy. This deeply relaxing oil massage involves long stroke with artful touch slowly guiding you in deep relaxation and release. Works on the muscle, articulations, circulation and lymphatic system allowing prana to flow in areas with stagnation releasing the energetical and physical blockages rebalancing your energy field. Guided by the flow of rhythmic movements and Intuition you will feel floating and invited to let go of all that is no longer necessary. Enjoy the feeling of reconnecting with freedom in your body.

Shamanic Reiki Healing 

Creating and Sacred Space and invocation of healing energies from the Reiki lineage and Shamanic Wisdom will immerse you in deeply healing potential. Reiki is an energetic Therapies that aims to rebalance and energize your Chakras and energy lines within your body combined with Active listening and Honest Enquiry you will be guided with insights and questions to help you access deep unconscious patterns. The Fusion of Shamanic processing with the healing energies of Reiki will dispose you to open and heal long held patterns making it a deep journey within yourself.


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