Elisa Paiva

Elisa Paiva

Elisa Paiva

Born in Portugal, she grew up in the middle of nature, discovering her natural course and all the cycles involved. Never disconnecting, she discovered very early on that there was harmony between various worlds. Keeping this door open between contacts with his guardian angel and others, she soon knew that her life mission would be to help his fellows to direct their own energy and consequently the energy of the mother earth.

Seeking balance. It was then in search of tools that would aid, studied several esoteric subjects. She currently uses the tarot as a way of divining and channeling the message. she also did the Reiki course and finally hypnosis. In this she learned about the area of psychology and human behavior. Today, she can advise you how to live on this physical plane with all the conscious and unconscious conditions and decisions of the human being.


Oracle cards Guidance

This therapy consists in attuning to the person energetically and with his guardian angel. Using the tarot and tarot of the angels, as a way to clearly receive the messages of the present guides and to be able to express them to the consultant. Respecting the natural course of life. It consists of energy exchange and conversation empathically. It is a therapy of counseling, where one can find the best way to go, with divination of the future or the secrets of the unconscious.

This therapy serves to clarify the life and its missions, to unlock feelings and to clean the energy. According to the path of the consultant the messages will be channeled to the present moment or in a divinatory way. Depending on the intention of the consultant. It gives a different view and perspective.



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