Fernando Martins

Fernando Martins

Fernando Martins

As a healer, osteopathy gives the opportunity of a constant study opening always new doors and changing the way I work every time I come to Boom. Several arts diplomas, many years traveling, many jobs, living with nature and meeting many different people, I found this sense of wholeness, the importance of love, sharing, and finally healing.

2011: ATM - Articulação Tempero-Mandibular, ITS - Instituto de Técnicas de Saúde, Porto;

2010: Course in Integrated Myofascial Therapy Nivel I,II, Dr. Ruth Duncan, UK.

2010: Course in Harmonic Technique, Dr. E.Lyderman, CPDO, ITS -Instituto de Técnicas de Saúde, Porto;

2009: Course inNeuro-Osteotherapy, Instituto Galeno, Lisboa; I.A.P.N.O.R. International Academy of Postural and Neuro-muscular Occlusion Research, Italy;

2008-2010: Curso de Osteopatia, Diplomado em Osteopatia (D.O), ITM – Instituto de Terapêuticas Manuais; Porto


Osteopathy has a holistic theory about its method, everything is working as one. Uses the nervous system and several specific tests to determine the origin of the problem and not only the symptoms as they look. Focuses in manual and natural techniques in order to treat somatic and structural dysfunctions allowing the body to cure, since it has a capacity of rebalancing. Adjusting the internal balance eliminating tensions as a  means to regain proper posture and movements without pain. Acts in the spine, joints, fascia, muscles, ligaments, visceral system, craniosacral and some functional imbalances. Treats: back pain, neck pain, sprains, sports injuries, sciatica, stress,irritability, headaches, numbness in hands, etc.

Structural techniques: myofascial release, stretching, joint manipulations, muscle-energy technique.
Rhythmic techniques: harmonic technique, pumping.
Functional techniques: treatment of viscera.

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