Filippo Fabbri

Filippo Fabbri

Filippo Fabbri

Filippo went to live in Rishikesh in 1996, he dedicate his life to Yoga, in 2004 he began studying Thai Yoga Massage, Reflexology and Reiki, followed several courses in India and Thailand, and was declared a teacher  in Massage in 2008 by the most famous school of Thailand the International Thai massage school of Chiang Mai, since that time he has organized courses in various parts of the world by introducing the art of massage more than 250 students, he keep on going to Chiang Mai to refresh his study in massage each year.


Thai Yoga Massage

An ancient massage developed by dr.Shivago the doctor of the Buddha, about 600 years before christ, his based in Yoga. Meditation, Reflexology, Exercise, Stretching, Acupressure.

The body of the receiver and therapist are moving together as in a flowing dance, the therapist guide the receiver in different position pressing specific points, releasing blocks, stretching some parts of the body, opening the energy and blood circulation into the body, the treatments is done in deep meditation for both (receiver and therapist), bring a deep state of relaxation and eliminate all tension and pain, increase stamina and power, eliminate tiredness.


An ancient Massage (5000 years old), trough pressing and massage different parts of your foot, hand or face others reflected parts of the body are affected by relaxing and energy.

This massage is good to create Relaxation and active the body, remove headache , back pain, knee-pain, foot-pain, tooth-ache, insomnia, stress, kidney problem, digestive problems, constipation, increase stamina and power, eliminate tiredness.


Reiki is and healing art which help you to stabilize unity with your real self, make clear all the obstacle and help you to eliminate them, making clear and strong your real attitude and positive capacity, show to yourself the sense of art that the universe has given to you, dissolve tension and pain, kick out of you problems, make clear your real status, to be one with the universe.


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