Francis Schwegman

Francis Schwegman

Francis Schwegman

Francis has been traveling around the world for the past 5 years and found her passion for bodywork in 2014 by following Thai Massage trainings in Thailand. She's been working and evolving as a body-worker since then.

Her work combines different styles, cultures and modalities from east and west. Thai massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue, reiki, intuitive work, aromatherapy, mindfulness, yoga and shamanism are influences in her life that also come together in her work.

The treatment can be described as a ritual rather then a massage alone. There will be focus on all levels of your being: body, mind and soul. A safe space will be created where Francis genuinely comes into contact with you, where there is space to discuss what you need in this moment and to set your intention for the treatment. Before starting the massage she guides you into deep relaxation and connection with yourself through breath, sound and guided meditation.

Her way of working involves a mix of long flowing strokes, deep tissue, thai massage stretches, essential oils, energetically balancing/cleansing and a heavenly head and face massage to deepen your journey.


Healing massage ritual

A treatment with a holistic approach, focused not only on the physical level but on all levels of yourSelf (mentally, energetically, emotionally). If you feel like something needs to be released within any layer of yourSelf, come with an intention and we will take that intention with us in the journey. This can help to bring deep release.

On the table / mat I'll guide you into connection with your breath and body, so you can start to journey within yourSelf.

The treatment is a mix of different styles according to what you need: a relaxing soft flow, or a more firm pressure, aromatherapy, thai massage stretches, energy cleansing and balancing, etc.

Relaxation Massage

If you feel like a deep relaxing journey into bliss within yourself, this one's for you.

Using long warm flowing strokes and aroma oils, completely relax, journey out of your mind, get into your body, rest and let yourself go on a journey into bliss.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is an ancient healing technique developed 2.500 years ago. Its performed on a mat on the floor. There's no use of oils so the receiver can wear loose, comfortable clothing.

It involves muscle compression, pressure points and yoga-like stretching working on the body's energy lines. It unblocks and balances the blood and prana/chi (lifenergy) systems for it to flow freely again, relieves muscle and joint tension, flexifies and has a very unique feeling and effect.

Deep Tissue

A form of massage for chronic pains and contracted areas as neck, shoulders, lower back etc.

Deep tissue massage uses firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia (the connective tissue surrounding muscles). For a deep relieving effect.

Thai Foot Reflexology

In Thai and Chinese medicine we work with energy lines running through the body, connecting different parts and organs of the body to each other. There's many points along these energy lines, many of them also end on the (soles of the) feet. By massaging these points on the feet you can release blockages and get the prana/chi (life energy) flowing again, thus relieving tension, and healing or preventing disease.

Reiki / Energy Healing

Reiki is a form of hands-on energy healing and balancing. By opening up for the universal healing energy flow I'm merely a channel for it to come into your field and do the healing work where needed and where you can receive it. A subtle but deep form of healing.

You can experience the effect in many different ways... e.g. deeply relaxing, or you can feel the healing happening during or afterwards, or you can get clearer feelings/ideas/insights etc.

The energy flows where it needs to and does its work how needed in any case, either you feel it or not.

I use the way to open up as a channel for the universal energy to come through anytime and with any type of bodywork session, but you can choose a reiki energy healing session if you feel like just a subtle and gentle treatment.



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