From an early age, Gabriel was exposed to Foot Reflexology, Reiki and an holistic way of living through his parents. Then,  at age 18, he started traveling to explore the many spiritual cultures of the world, visiting more than 60 countries.

Studying Yogic Kriyas with various masters, and developing a daily practice of Vipassana meditation since 2009, the healing Arts than chose him to help people from all walks of life find healing and come into their bodies.

Studying Zen Shiatsu in the in Netherlands for several years, he then expanded his skill set with Thai Yoga and Chinese Abdominal massage, and is currently developing his practice with Tai Chi and Pranayama Breathwork. He is also a passionate Permaculture gardener and musician, all elements that inspire his sessions.

Symbiotic Zen Shiatsu 

Combining the awareness of Zen Shiatsu and the dynamics of Thai Yoga massage, this therapy aims at providing a creative and highly integrated therapy that will work on the muscles.

Using a variety of techniques like acupressure, breathwork, abdominal massage, big stretches, joint mobilizations and by using hands, elbows, knees and feet, different parts of your physical, energetical and emotional being will be worked. In these diverse sessions deeply rooted in oriental medicine, the focus will be on the meridians to remove your blockages and stagnated energy, to help you come out of pain, trauma, and stress, and restore vitality.

After a massage, you may feel very relaxed, open and rejuvenated. The cleansing process set in motion can continue even days after the treatment and leave you with a overall holistic feeling of wellbeing.



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