Gabriele Bruscaini

Gabriele Bruscaini

Gabriele Bruscaini

In 1994 she started her Iokai Shiatsu education in Ispra/ Italy with Arie Spruit e Kazunori Sasaki Sensei. In 2003 she graduated with Diploma of Iokai Meridian Shiatsu Akademie Europe. She gained a lot of experience, offering shiatsu treatments like a freelance in her studio and working in several hotels around the Garda Lake – North Italy.

From 2012 she started to work in Germany, specially as a Shiatsu therapist in several companies for health prevention by using the ergonomic chair and offering treatments directly in the office. She got a teachers Licence of Iokai Shiatsu Academy in 2012. From 2012 she started to teach and gave several basic classes in Arco, Italy.

In 2016 she took a basic class in Leipzig, Germany. As of 2017, she is accepted as a teacher of "Gesellschaft für Shiatsu in Deutschland“.



Shiatsu means Pression with thumb. Shiatsu Treatments takes place in comfortable cloth, lying on a futon-mattress on earth. The therapist is kneeling next to the person that receive the Treatment.

The Shiatsu-therapist uses during his Treatment -it's an japanese practice - pression with thumb, passive stretching and mobilization of the Joints. The complete Treatment works all over the Body on lines called Meridians. After it, People feels relaxed, it works against tensions, it helps to maintenance health. Shiatsu helps to connect person with itself, with its body, with earth and universe. Good results of shiatsu Treatments are documented also in hospital praxis.

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