Gigi Indigo

Gigi Indigo

Gigi Indigo

Gigi was born 28 ago in the Netherlands. For the last 3 years she has been following her heart and mission in life all around the world. Her journey allows her to learn, teach and be helpful where she can, and share love and wisdom. Her intention is to share her care with Boomers at this edition. 

In her treatments she uses a natural holistic program to support balance in Mind, Body & Soul - natural healing experience, mind, stress, anxiety, depression, burn-out, relationships.

Body Cancer, low functioning organs, disbalance in thyroid gland, viruses,infections, strokes, nervous system, muscle traumas, low or high blood pressure. "Health retreat Tagakpan Philippines"

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Holistic healthCare Treatment 

Any health issues mental or physical? Nutrition advice, Massage, BioEnergy.

Specialist Thyroid Treatment 

Back & shoulder massage, feet reflexology, BioEngery healing.

Relaxing Therapy 

Essential oil Aromatherapy massage (Head, shoulders, back & legs.)

Body, Mind & Soul balance Therapy 

Pressure point massage, bioEnergy ; Healing & chakra alignment.

Remedial intuitive Massage :

Focus on muscle & nerve recovery and supporting a natural flow.

Bio energetic Healing

Universal energy support in everything what is needed to heal emotional, mental,physical & energetic levels.

Chakra alignment

Balance & charging of the energetic body.

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