Greta Love

Greta Love

Greta Love

Greta is a bright, adventurous & grounded student of life who believes strongly in exploration, connection & self-discovery for oneself & one another. She is a 400 hr yoga teacher, massage and sound therapist. Her service is to share healing, be a support on people’s journeys towards a more conscious, alive & loving life.


Unwind Massage 

Danced like crazy? Body feeling tensed? Or ungrounded? The unwind massage will target the pain and tightness of your muscles, while it’s still gentle enough to come back to your roots and leaving you feeling relaxed & balanced.

Yoga Massage 

An opportunity to fully be in stillness in yoga postures for a longer period of time so that we with ease can explore what is moving within us, while getting massaged to create more space within the body. This will improve flexibility in body, mind & soul as we with the postures lengthen our muscles, connective tissues & let expansion take place.

Journey through Touch 

Need to get things moving? Is there something your body is holding on to? Let this oily, loving & watery massage support you. A flowing touch with its dancelike movement to strengthen your nerve system with care. To align & harmonize your being.



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