Héloïse Bournonville

Héloïse Bournonville

Héloïse Bournonville of  Isayä Yoga

Héloïse always felt that sound had an impact on our conscience and that it allowed us to lift the veils that hide our inner light. She trained with Patrick Torre for mantra therapy and mantra yoga, and with Soma energetics for sound therapy.

After several years of feeling and experimenting the power of sound vibration on her energy, on her thoughts and on her consciousness, she discovered tuning fork therapy.

She is  passionate about the using of sound frequencies for healing. She could finally share and apply what she felt intuitively with her practice of mantras.  Héloïse uses the therapeutic power of sound to activate the healing force present in you.

She believes that every being has the strength to free himself  from his patterns of limiting thoughts, false beliefs, disruptive emotions and keeping himself in full form. She feels a lot of gratitude to be able to Pass on the achievements of her trainings and  her experiences. It is with joy, kindness, respect and empathy that she accompanies you towards the expression of your true being and potential.


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Energetics Sound Therapy

Quantum physics shows that everything in the universe vibrates. "Everything is energy that vibrates at a different frequency".

The power of sound to transform and reorganize the material has been very documented for 200 years especially with Ernst Chladni who in 1787 showed that the sound vibration of a violin against a plate filled with sand reorganized the latter in geometric shapes and Perfect Mandala or Hans Jenny who worked on the effects of sound on living cells.

Sound, by its vibratory qualities, is a means of releasing the blocked or stagnant energy preserved in our "energetic anatomy".

The vibrational state of our body is a symphony orchestra where each instrument is a part of our body and each cell is a sound resonator.

For the orchestra to play a perfect symphony, all the elements must be granted on the same fundamental note and on the good tones and the right frequencies to function optimally and maintain its physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.



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