Inês Sena

Inês Sena

Inês Sena

In her early 20’s, after coming across the psychedelic culture, she started a process of self-discovery that would lead to her life as a therapist. During these years, she studied and practiced Indian Oil Massage.

Later she would travel to Thailand where she learnedfrom different generations of therapists about the ancient art of manipulating the body as a way to reach one’s spirit. Still in Asia, she took a silence vow and plunged into Vipassana meditation.

Back home, she fell in love with Shiatsu, and studied through the International School of Shiatsu.

Inês has been working and travelling as a therapist in Portugal, Australia and the Netherlands for 6 years now and feels incredibly grateful for connecting with others this way. She created and now practices my own style of massage - Energy Flow Massage - which incorporates everything she learned in her life journeys.


Energy Flow Massage

Respecting the fact that each person is unique, and needs a unique approach, Energy Flow Massage comes up as a way of supporting one’s individuality and uniqueness. By feeling and connecting with the receiver’s energy, the therapist acts towards bringing out what he feels to be the receiver’s strength and thereby support his/hers process of self-healing. By combining various techniques, that go from Traditional Thai Massage, Shiatsu and Oriental Oil Massage, one’s natural energy flow is enhanced and healing can take place.

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