For the last 12 years, Inge has always tried to pass on all the different knowledge she has gathered as she travels the world. She came in contact with shamans and alternative healers & teachers, changing the course of her life to a desire to develop healing skills & give something back to the world and the beautiful people in it She spent the last 7 years in the womb of mother India, adding onto previous practicing and teaching experience with yoga, meditation, massage, group practice and life in general.

Since 2 years until now, she aims to connect back to the world she came from and pass on some of the amazing teachings she has learned. In therapy as well as classes, knowing bits of many different styles – she likes to let things blend and reinforce each other, allowing them to adapt to the circumstances intuitively.



Our mind is shaped by experience. Many of the blockages and problems we feel and face in life come out of a limited- or misunderstanding of ourselves and the world around us; because understanding in itself is limited, at best a simplification of reality. When we are hanging upside down, our body releases all its tension and the spine comes back to its natural position. At the same time the mind doesn't know what to do, because it has nothing to say about the situation we are in - and so it becomes still, allowing for an experience of our true nature, the point we want to come back to for any true healing to happen.

Intuitive oil massage

I like to incorporate many flavors into the world of touch. Intuitively combining aspects of pressure points, reflexology, deep tissue, ayurveda, thai yoga and lomi lomi massage. Flowing with oil & music, we’ll find the places which are ready to relax their tension, so you can connect to the abundant life you are.



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