Inma Llorca Rueda

Inma Llorca Rueda

Inma Llorca Rueda

Inma started by training as a Psychologist, Coach, Mediator, Biodanza Facilitator, Transpersonal Therapist and working as an Art Therapist and Gender Consultant.

On the way back to the root she islearning to live a simple, nomadic life, to let go of old programs that did not allow me to be free, enjoy the life and do what she loves most, to dance in festivals, living and traveling in a mobile home. When Julien and her met in South America two years ago, the Tarot was their first way of communication and allowed them to realize that although they could not speak the same language, we understood life in the same way. During the years that she has been studying the Tarot, it has served as a mirror to see what is happening in her life that she can't see as a therapeutic tool. Her proposal is to act as mediator and interpreter of your symbolism with you.



TransPersonal Tarot

The Transpersonal Tarot is a therapeutic tool based on tarot reading that allows us to know and discover our human and spiritual abilities in order to solve what blocks us and evolve in a better way with our circumstances of realization, integration and personal balance. The tarot of Marseille is a mirror in which we can see reflected what we are now, what can be in our conscious and unconscious world and that directs our life. Each of the major arcana collects different symbolic elements that after reading allow us to find out what really hinders us and also our capabilities that allow us to move forward. The transpersonal tarot aims to resolve personal conflicts from within, for from self- knowledge expand our consciousness. Therefore the Transpersonal Tarot helps us to become aware to live our present from which to begin to create our future.


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