Iris Verstappen

Iris Verstappen

Iris Verstappen

Iris is a masseuse, doula, yoga teacher and couple therapist focusing on cycle & sexual health and well-being. She values the importance of diving deep within ourselves, and restore the relationship with our bodies, minds, hearts and souls — for this is the most important relationship we will ever have in our lives. In the work that she does, she aims to combine reproductive/regenerative (scientific) knowledge, cultural & spiritual (ancient) wisdom, and our innate inner knowing to strengthen, heal and move through life gracefully and empowered. All sessions are tailored to her client’s specific needs, and her approach is holistic, down-to-earth, inclusive, and authentic.
Iris has a degree in Cultural Anthropology (with focus on Medical Anthropology) and Gender Studies from Utrecht University & UCLA. She got certifications in Ashtanga Yoga & Well Women Yoga, fertility and pelvic health, and also finished a doula training and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Bodywork. She specializes in reproductive, cycle and sexual well-being.




Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi is a full body massage. It uses intuitive movement, breath, rhythm and focused intention to bring about alignment of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Continuous movements (with hands and forearms) are used, around the body in a dynamic, fluid way. Coconut oil is used during treatment.

Duo Treatment for Pregnant Lady and her Partner

Together with my colleague Ana Goedbloed (a massage therapist @ Being Fields as well), we offer a special treatment for pregnant couples. While I massage the pregnant mama, Ana will massage her partner. We feel both parents deserve care and nourishment before their baby comes earthside.
When we meet I am open to hear what type of massage you would like to receive and what your specific wishes are. This massage also includes a short intake on where you are in your pregnancy.

Reproductive Well-Being Massage

Living in this modern day and age where stress and hormonal disrupting environment are becoming more prevalent, can be challenging for our endocrine systems. This can influence our overall reproductive and sexual well-being. A reproductive well-being massage focuses on supporting the hormonal system to rebalance and regenerate. Emphasis is on deep relaxation. Areas of the body that will receive attention are: the lower abdomen, lower back, sacral area, and psoas area.


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