Isabel Elwood

Isabel Elwood

Isabel Elwood

Isabel is a writer and visual artist, but also a healer and spiritual seeker. She is passionate by everything that touches art and moves the soul, as well as electronic music which she writes about and creates for. Her latest project “stillekraft” introduces storytelling and dream imagery into personal electronic music journeys. It is the most honest expression she has in her life. The wonderful journey she started as a healer was inspired by therapists and healers she met while traveling and attending festivals. She wanted to learn something she could gift anywhere, needing nothing more than a conscious touch and loving presence.

Isabel is qualified in Biodynamic Rebalancing Bodywork, a method brought together by Osho. She was trained by Rasal in Arambol, India.


Biodynamic Rebalancing Bodywork

Bio Dynamic Rebalancing Bodywork is a deep-tissue massage which takes its origins in Ayurveda, Thaï Yoga and Shiatsu. It releases the Myo Fascia tissue and is used for chronic pain relief and emotional release. A Rebalancing session aligns body, mind and soul. Another beautiful word for this massage is "Soul Rebalancing". First put together by Osho in its Ashram in Pune, India, in the 70s the technique has since been refined by many professionals over the years. On a festival setting, I will be performing a relaxing version of a Bio Dynamic Rebalancing Bodywork. Each session is unique, following your needs and how you are feeling physically and emotionally. The conscious touch is very grounding and offers a lot of presence for both the receiver and the giver.




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