He is  responsible for Yoga Therapy, Yoga, Massage and Movement at the Kentro Eleftheria Pagkalou in Crete, working as a Therapist, Coach, Mentor and Trainer. He holds a Masters in Exercise Science and was part of the Department of Sports & Exercise Science and Sports Therapy (University of Luton, UK). His main influence in 20 years of yoga are Krishnamacharya and Paul Harvey. He holds several certifications in yoga & yoga therapy (e.g. International Association of Yoga Therapists).  He has 20 years experience  with massage (e.g. Sports and Thai Massage from Wat Po in Thailand), Reiki and several movement modalities.

Ivan has worked with organizations from the UK, USA, Japan, Greece and  Portugal, developing and implementing training programs, classes and coaching (emphasizing holistic programs).

Currently he focuses on several aspects of spirituality, therapy & healing, yoga, movement, plant-based nutrition and wellness, integrating ancient wisdom and scientific research.



Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy can be described as helping a person experiencing difficulties with the tools of yoga.These challenges may be physical, mental, emotional, energetic or/and spiritual. Specific techniques and principles of Yoga & Ayurveda are used to develop an individualized course of treatment to assist the individual. Although treatments vary considerably, usually there is a practice that the individual takes home for specific period. The practice will vary according to individual constitution, level of the problems, lifestyle, ability, likes and dislikes, spiritual beliefs, and many more variables. The treatments/practice always requires some sort of action which may include some adapted movements/positions, breathing, sound work, meditations, lifestyle changes, application of philosophical principles. Practices are always within the capability of the individual and with mutual agreement.

Massage Therapy

Massage involving natural vibrational healing oils with several essential oils & magnesium (created by me). The massage techniques used depend on the individual needs of each person. It may involve relaxation techniques, stimulating techniques, deep tissue, gentle mobilization, trigger points, myofascial work, acupressure points. It may also include Traditional Thai Massage techniques that involve the rhythmic pressure along the body’s energy lines and assisted mobilizations. Although I follow a general structure, the flow of the massage is usually very intuitive and by the end provides a deep sense of recovery and lightness. The pressure I use is firm and respects the client’s sensitivity as well as the localized reaction of the tissues. I also use energy healing and the power of prayer. My main influences are International Institute of Health & Holistic Therapies, the Wat Po School of Traditional Thai Medicine and the Department of Sports Therapy (University of Luton).


Reiki is a technique for receiving and transmitting Universal Energy. In each session this vital energy is channeled through my hands to generate a natural and deep state of harmony in the individual I am working with. The hands are placed over the body in different areas and with different positions with no contact or very light contact. The structure of the session involves a preparation phase, an intuitive healing phase and a closing phase. My main influences have been Julie Long, Swami Dhyan Kuteer and Eleftheria Pagkalou.

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