Janka Berger

Janka Berger

Janka Berger

Janka works as a Shiatsu practitioner (DGAM certified) and a homeopathic practitioner. In her first journey to India she started to learn Yoga. While visiting Auroville, she came in contact with an intuitive massage called "Body Talk".  This changed her way of perception and what she wanted to do in life.

ack in Berlin she started her three years training of Shiatsu which is for her the most profound way to initiate healing through bodywork. Furthermore, she started to learn classic homeopathy and a lot about chakra and intuitive healing. Her work is based on the connection of Shiatsu, Homeopathy and Meditation.



Shiatsu is a Japanese method of acupressure which leads into a state of deep relaxation.

It is translated as "pressure of finger" and it stimulates the energy meridians in the body. With Shiatsu you can harmonize the whole energy system of the body. Body, soul and mind are seen as a unity.  Shiatsu is based on the basic principles of traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy. Life energy flows within the physical body through pathways called chakras or meridians. By application of Shiatsu techniques, you are able to loose and lift blockades of this energy and by this eliminate the cause of illness and diseases.  Those techniques encompass pressing acupressure points, stretching and vibrating different body parts, joint manipulation and mobilization. Shiatsu is performed on the ground and the whole body is included. A session approximately takes 45 minutes.




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