Joana Coutinho

Joana Coutinho


Portuguese, 34 years old and graduated in Exercise and Health.

She works as a Personal Trainer and Healing Therapist. A Travel Lover, that started with 16 years old this passion. In every country that she had been, she always learned something about healing and practice in her body. She have lived for 2 years in South East Asia, where she worked and studied Thai Massage and different types of BodyWorking.

Creator of Body Mandala, an holistic body work that mix different therapies (from Reiki, to yoga, Pilates, massage, body movement) specially focused in rooting the body.

Since she was very young she could heal through her hands and she started to work with it when she become more conscious . It’s almost 9 years working with Healing and in her concept. Is about to heal with Love using the Power and strength of Body.

The Body as a Root and the Energy Flows, the Circle of life in a constant movement and transmutation.

Deep Tissue

Uses firms and slow strokes to reach the deep muscles and the connective tissue surrounding the muscle. It’s used to help on adhesions that can disrupt circulation and cause pain.

Thai Body Work

Ancient healing massage that combines some pressure points with assisted yoga postures. No oils or lotions are used and clothes should be comfortable. The body is totally compressed and stretched with such a good feeling in the end. It’s a beautiful and powerful dancing between the giver and the receiver. 


A palm healing or hand healing using the Universal Energy. I will be the channel between the receiver and Universal and I will transfer that energy or the messages that will be coming,just through my hands and sometimes with Crystals or Pendulum too.


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