Joanna Pecio

Interested in the world, its structure, how it works since childhood. As a child she did not eat meat:  the proper diet, the right movement and the good of all beings and the world around me were important to her. She wanted to become a mystic, but became a healer.

Due to the fact that work with the body and understanding of exact sciences were equally important to her, she started studying at the University of Wroclaw in the field of biological chemistry. and she started yoga. The more she learned exact sciences, the more she understood that they did not provide answers about the world. That's why she got involved in Yoga Nidra, the Yoga of sleep and dreaming. Working with the body, she understood the increasing importance of healing touch and began to learn massage and study physiotherapy, so that she could help people with all diseases of the body and the musculoskeletal system.

In addition, she was developing in dance all the time, and became a recognized artist with firestuff and internal fire, which she carries in herself as inspiration for everyone around.

Her main passion is massage and yoga, in which she is constantly developing.



Classic Physiotherapy 

Physiotherapy is a set of therapeutic methods that use the phenomenon of the body's reactivity to stimuli. The main goal is well-being and physical health. I can diagnose and treat a variety of body problems, from back pain, joints, to bruxism and lockjaw. My specialties are kinesitherapy - treatment through movement and manual therapy, which includes kneading and manipulation of muscles, joint mobilization and joint manipulation. It relieves pain, relieves tension and restores proper functioning of the body with passive or active involvement of the patient. Physiotherapy methods can strengthen the immune system, improves body muscles and motion, posture and normalize blood pressure, and helps to reach a very healthy body.

Trigger Points Therapy

Trigger points are sensitive spots in soft tissue. Painful point can be felt by therapist as a nodule or band in the muscle. Many body tensions are connected into a net, with a trigger points on it. Trigger Point Therapy is the best solving for multiple body aches caused by tensions. Gentle pressure and massage are changing the structure of connective tissue and fascias, making body more awakened and in flow-like state.

Massage focused on pressure points and the movement of energy through the body gives relax, stress relief and boost of energy, due to unlocking of tensions and full ranges of motion.

Yogic Bodywork

I've been doing yoga for 8 years. I work as a yoga teacher. In that type of holistic therapy is massage combined with reflexology, and assisted yoga postures. I know how the body works in asanas and in normal daily movement. I can help athletes with many  various bodily problems. I know correct body and spine positions so I would love to help You reach and maintain them. If You are connected to any type of sport then I can help You to perform better and dive into divinity!

Classic Massage combined with Reiki

Hippocrates in 460 BC wrote "The physician must be experienced in many things, but assuredly in rubbing". I learnt medical massage during studies at University of Physical Education , and practiced it in work in hospitals in Poland. It has healing properties for human with real posture and musculoskeletal problems.

Classic massage is otherwise known as Swedish massage. This is the most popular form of massage encountered in Europe. It has a wide application in the case of muscles tired of dancing or intense physical activities. It comes from the earliest times when the original form of providing support was touch.

He is one of my favorite methods of work, I connect him with Reiki, to which the old master gave me the initiation. This means that while working, I can simultaneously touch and heal the body and spirit, by joining with universal energy and being a channel that allows to manifest it.


Orthobinomy is part of the complementary medicine sistem. It’s a process of connection between patient and therapist, happening by touch and respecting normal body habits. Relax and loosing of tensions is maintained by contracting the contracted muscles. That method is like a cancelling wrong body regulatory habits and naturally receiving good ones from the internal body knowledge. It can be performed on anybody and barely has no contraindications. That method helps to find and loose static tensions from the body and mind and gives proper inner connection to world and inner self.

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