Jonny Woodall

Jonny Woodall

Jonny Woodall

In his early 20’s João had a complete mental breakdown. Thankfully his despair turned into searching for answers outside of conventional pharmaceutical medicine. He changed his diet, started meditating and eventually met a medical herbalist. Within the last 6 years, the power of herbs, sacred medicines and psychotherapy have brought him to come into a state of healing and balance that has seen him study for a degree in herbal medicine and run a busy multi-disciplinary clinic based in the UK.

He now lives completely free of mental illness and respectfully works for the grace of helping others.



Herbal Medicine and Flower Essences

Medical herbalists make use of plants whose traditional uses are backed up by modern scientific research and clinical trials. Studying for a BSc degree in herbal medicine means I have undertaken modules in anatomy and physiology, phytochemistry, pathophysiology and research methods.

From a consultation, blood pressure reading and tongue diagnosis I prescribe herbs in the form of alcohol extracts, teas or powders. I have a passion for connecting psychology, identity and trauma with the manifestation of disease.

Flower essences were brought to us by the late Dr Bach. I have studied and used his 38 remedies for almost 4 years, recognising that Dr Bach believed that our emotional state and personality was the cause of physical health problems.

When offering this service i combine the use of herbal remedies with the flower essences. I find this combination powerful in its effects to work at deep layers of the human psyche.



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