Katarina Leander

Katarina Leander

Katarina Leander

When she travelled in India, she tried Ayurvedic Yoga Massage for the first time and it felt like she was on ecstacy. All she wanted to do was to be able to give the same experience to other people. Her studies of the human being and the art of healing started there and has continued ever since. As she travelled through the world she studied several different massage styles, energy healing, yoga, tai chi, herbal medicine and even volunteered with organic farming. Katarina continued with psychology and is currently studying western medicine, trying to look through the differences to find what is common for all these sciences and to used in her treatments. She is about half way through to become a medical doctor.



Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

According to Ayurveda, the human being and the universe, are composed of 5 elements; Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. People are generally more dominated by some of the elements, and this dominance decides the constitution, dosha, of a person. The three main ones are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. By deciding the individual dosha, any imbalances can be brought to balance by Ayurvedic Yoga Massage. The treatment includes massage with organic, cold-pressed oils and stimulation of specific points, marma points, along our energy lines, nadis. The nadis host our life force energy, and when nadis are unblocked and energy is strong, we will be healthy and happy.

Swedish Classic Massage

Swedish massage is a muscle relaxing massage that uses varied grips and trigger points to achieve deep muscle relaxation. It also relieves stress, improves circulation and strengthens the immune system.

Holistic Massage

This is her own, freestyle massage which combines techniques from Swedish, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Ayurvedic massages and Reflexology. It is an intuitive massage that is individually applied.

Tibetan Reiki

Reiki is the channeling of energy from a source of nonphysical location. By channeling Reiki to the chakras, non-physical energy centers, along our spine, they are cleared and balanced. As a result, we may heal emotionally and physically. The therapist holds her hands on each of the chakras, letting the energy through her energy field and into the energy field of the client.

Divine Goddess Massage

Relaxing massage for pregnant ladies with organic cold-pressed oils that are very lighlt scented. The client is lying on her side while receiving a very light body massage that does not include any acupressure. The massage is soothing and relaxing and includes facial massage.

Child massage

Relaxing body massage for children with organic cold-pressed oils that are very lightly scented. The child receives a rebalancing body massage with a touch of Reiki at the end of the sessions.



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