Katie Creuynni

Katie Creuynni

Katie Creuynni

Katie works as an awenydd (a Cymru term similar to the word shaman) and bodyworker in North Cymru (Wales) and further afield around the world. Working to improve her own health from years bedbound writhing nerve pain to where she is now, Katie has found ways of assisting herself and others with their health and wellbeing. A graduate from the Four Winds Society Healing the Light Body program and Masters classes as well as a first class honours BSc Complementary Therapies for Healthcare holder amongst other training, Katie combines ancient wisdom and more recent discoveries with the common sense of her own experiences.





Awenydd innerwork from Wales - assisting you access the awen - that inner and universal wisdom that we can all access - for self-healing, self empowerment and self actualisation.

Energy Massage

Including back, shoulders, head, face, arms, legs, hands, feet or combination - tailored to the individual. Using techniques that work with the lymphatic system, fascia, superficial muscles, deeper muscles as well as improving circulation and relaxing the nervous system combined with releasing energy that can assist you let go of what no longer serves you and bring in flowing life energy.

Deep Tissue Massage

Working with muscles and fascia to release pain, aches and tension.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Working to release water retention and improve lymph flow.


Working with reflex areas in the feet for health and wellbeing.



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