Kornelia Janetka (Nelli)

Kornelia Janetka (Nelli)

Kornelia Janetka

 Kornelia is from Hungary but has been living in different countries for the past 14 years, currently in Canada. Around 11 years ago while living in Mexico she gained interest in spiritual practices mostly because she had suffered insomnia and anxiety due to my previous hectic lifestyle. She found peace and healing using breathing techniques and meditation practices. Her curiosity made her search for different holistic options that allow her to heal herself and help others. Her first training was in Reiki, which had a great impact on her. However by nature she is more of an active person so she knew when she was introduced to Thai massage it was her path to get on.

She believes Thai massage is more than just a massage, rather it is a very efficient way for energy to move, flow and work through the body. She took a 300 hour training at The Toronto School of Thai Massage and have been practicing it for 4 years now.

Her other passion is yoga. She is a hatha yoga and ayurvedic yoga teacher and have been blessed to be learning and teaching since 2015


Thai Massage

Thai massage is an ancient healing art that work on the energy system of the body, it is a perfect combination of yoga-like stretches and acupressure techniques applied along the main energy lines using either thumbs, hands, elbows, knees or feet releasing any blockage that can disrupt the free flow of prana that can cause pain, disharmony or disease. I will ask you to work with me, using conscious breathwork to let go of what’s not there to serve you anymore. After your session you will feel energized but still calm and balanced. Your self-healing powers will activate through this harmony created between your body, mind and spirit.




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