Always dreamy, looking for ways a little different. Then sail, to be able to look at the land from the sea, forget that it exists then happy to find it. Then masseuse, to get closer to the body, the structure that shelters us a whole life. To learn the intention of Love towards unknown bodies, to listen to them, to relax them, to relieve them, to accompany them.

Californian Massage

Inspired by the movement of waves, waves, the freedom of the oceanic fluid. It is about the feeling of the Whole, the union and reconnection of body and mind.

Sports Massage

Vigorous approach, using the forearms, fists, elbows, passive mobilizations and stretching are also an integral part of the massage. The aim being to reach all the muscular planes in order to "clean" accumulated toxins and to bring a new blood supply.

Ayurvedic Massage

The technique consists in stimulating, by pressure, effleurage and palpations in order to rebalance the organic functions. From the feet to the tip of the hair, tonic movements alternate with relaxing movements to provide both relaxation and energy.

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