Luís Ferreira

Luís Ferreira

Luís Ferreira

Luís Eduardo Lopes Ferreira was born on August 22, 1997, in Vizela (10 km from Guimarães), Portugal.

In 2003, at the age of six, he began my spiritual studies together with his father who opened the door to this path of healing.

About 2 years ago he dedicated himself to learning the Quantum Touch practicing it intensively in the holistic nursing center where he work up to this day, in Braga. His  interests are very focused on ancestral healing practices, always taking into account the reformulations of some contemporary cures. He has also developed a technique, intuited by himself, that in all cures manifests itself positively!

Quantum Touch (Therapeutic Touch)

The Quantum Touch (Therapeutic Touch), studied 35 years ago by a university in New York, takes into account the renewal of energy in points connected to the chakras (worked in the physical body), consists of the total cleaning and reestablishment of energy throughout the auric field, elimination of internal blockages, restoration of the balance between the side of the will and of the emotion and in the reconnection to the own flow of energy. First, a diagnosis is made identifying the patient's therapeutic need. There is in all this work of Quantum Touch, the philosophy of treatment through the elements. The quantum touch, being the touch of the fire, is based on the treatment of the auric field and the revitalization of the same, the touch air is based on the cleaning treatment to the physical body being the first touch to be used during the treatment. Earth touch, which is a touch of rooting and energy replenishment, is used to remove all energy accumulation in the marma points. Lastly, the touch water, which serves to calm down, help the points that are being revitalized to continue to be treated, even after treatment.

This Touch consists mostly of pressure and heating under the marma points, and the goal is to re-stabilize them.

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