15 years ago, along her yoga training, she got in contact with the world of the massages and body treatments, Since that time, she never abandoned this wonderful path, she continued to discover and study further techniques. The opportunity to give wellbeing, health and calm to people, is a great honour for Luisa. The massage is healing way, so much can improve our well-being through such a treatment, whatever the technique applied. Moreover the massage is a way to become aware of oneself. This is well connected to the meaning offered by practising yoga (which she has been teaching for years), which expands your own awareness

Ayurvedic Massage

It belongs to the ancient indian science of health, the Ayurveda, which considers and cures man as a whole inseparable of body, mind and soul.

Relaxing Massage

Anti-stress massage par excellence: particularly dedicated to the support of wellbeing, through manipulations that are meant to embrace the person who receives it, making it feel welcomed and protected. Together with focus breathing to free emotional states and bring more relaxing power.


The operator channels and then transmits the universal energy and harmonizes the vital energy of the person treated through manual taxation. Reiki works in rebalancing of the energy level of the person.

Decontracting Massage

Techniques and maneuvers suitable for the manipulation of the deepest tissues, such as the connective and the muscular ones. To dissolve physical tensions and stress, therefore mental and emotional too.

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