Luiza Cascon

Luiza Cascon

Luiza Cascon

Massage therapist, dancer and performer. Was born in Rio de Janeiro, lives and works in Lisbon. Luisa has studied somatic education and body consciousness and worked as movement coach for adults and children. As a dancer she has worked in collaboration with other artists and choreographers in Brazil and Portugal, and develops a personal research about the healing power of dance and body practices.

Studies: Fine Arts at Escola de Belas Artes da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro / Dance at Faculdade Angel Vianna. Ayurvedic Massage at Espaço Saúde (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil) / Ayurvedic Massage with Claudia Godart from ABRA - Associação Brasileira de Ayurveda (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) / AyurBalance Bodywork with Atul Mulji from Rasovai-India (Lisbon, Portugal).


Ayurvedic Massage (Abhyanga / AyurBalance)

The Ayurvedic Massage is made with natural vegetables oils that stimulate the circulation of prana (vital energy). It nourishes the skin and other internal tissues; reduces stress and brings vitality; boosts the immune system; releases obstructed channels and retained fluids; aid in the elimination of toxins; promotes relaxation of muscles and releases the joints. Abhyanga is a very relaxing traditional Ayurvedic Massage. AyurBalance is a new bodywork based on Ayurveda and Conscious Meditation, using techniques of myofascial release, which reaches deeper layers of muscles and tissues, as well as of old emotional patterns hidden in the tensions of the body. It works the discomforts and old patterns in order to reorganize them, returning to a natural balance. In this massage session both techniques can be used according to the particular needs of who is receiving the treatment.


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