Mafalda Jorge is an holistic therapist and an Educator and Chef of Raw vegan food.

She has a degree in Conservation and Restoration where she worked for 10 years. In addition to this, she have been involved in several courses, training courses, workshops in other areas of personal development like Ayurvedic massage and Ayurvedic Naturopathy, Crystal Healing and Balance of the Chakras, System of healing Loves God of the Guarani Tribe, Family Constellations, Transactional Analysis… and to which she has dedicate herself in recent years.

She is developing a project called Flor do Sol (Sun Flower), which aims to promote the health, well-being and harmony of body, mind and spirit with holistic solutions.

The Flor do Sol project is integrated into a worldwide movement that is happening spontaneously, from an awareness to a greater respect for oneself and in this way with one's neighbor, thus respecting the laws of nature.


Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurveda believes that aches and pains are caused by obstruction of the flow of the vayu (wind) through the vayu conducting vessels, or siras. Heat is generated by friction, which causes the body's air to expand and move. Vayu circulation in the body relieves tension and reduces pain.

Massage promotes a deeper, more natural breathing pattern. aids the digestive system, induces deep sleep, and generally makes life happier. relaxes, relieves pain, improves circulation. Restore the harmony of body, mind and spirit. It rejuvenates, improves vision, tones and hydrates the skin. decreases pain in the sacral, lumbar and cervical areas... aromatic vegetable oils bio are used, which promote good health and nutrition of the tissues.

If necessary we complete the massage with rebalancing of the chakras with the use of crystals.

 Ama Deus Healing Guarani - Cure and Ascension System Loves God of the GuaranĂ­ Tribes.

Ama Deus Healing Guarani is a system of healing spread throughout the world of the lineage of Elisabeth Cosmos.

Healing includes the transformation of the body, the mind and the Spirit. It is all that gives us an increase in our personal power, strength and capacity for understanding.

Guaranis Indian medicine is more than a system of healing, it is a comprehensive due style that presupposes to continue to live on Mother Earth being in perfect harmony with the whole universe. It is a tool that was given to alleviate suffering, is the cosmic energy for healing and ascension. the indigenous peoples were the guardians of this sacred knowledge millennia old for thousands of years.

According to the Guarani belief system there are no diseases. in their view they are spirits and are external forces that make the imbalance happen when the external force is removed then its effect on the physical body will be released and equilibrium restored.

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