Manoly is a full time health educator of Ayurveda since 2 years. Passionated by this millennia old science, she discovered an indescribable amount of benefits which she would like to put to good use so that everyone can enjoy it. Owning her own company named Ayudeva in France, she gives ayurvedic consultation, which she learned through renowned ayurvedic doctors. She received the diploma of health educator in Ayurveda. I am also studying with Dr Sankar which is a MD, chief physician at Ayurtoday (Kerala - India). She is used to go see him in his European tours for giving conferences and workshops. She also went to his clinic in India on January 2018 to follow an ayurvedic cure, and teacher training classes with him.

Through a year of discoveries and personal research she has decided to follow the Ayurvedic way because she realized a deeper meaning to life as an art, and being as a science.

Through this opportunity of the festival, she would like to put forth all her skills to empower those concerned, in learning to heal oneself, via massages.




This is a massage of the upper back, neck, head and face on a person sitting and dressed. This therapy offers a quick and effective care to relax and regain energy.

Massage Kansu

This massage concerns the plantar reflexology and all the vital points of the foot. By stimulating specific areas that are directly related to organs and bodily functions, this kansu massage regulates the flow of energy. This is how the body manages to relax completely.

Massage Abhyanga

This massage, called Abhyanga, is a full body massage given individually. The massage and the oils used will be adapted to each constitution, depending on the three Ayurvedic doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha. This therapy works deeply on energetic levels which can liberate blocked or forgotten accumulated stress. It is therefore performed with higher levels of accupressure for a better range of effectiveness.

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