Manuela Correia

Manuela Correia

Manuela Correia

She started her journey 20 years ago, in the practice and teaching of yoga. Manuela studied Ayurvedic medicine and then specialized in massage. About 6 years ago she developed a permaculture project living in the forest and helping the recovery of a village that had been abandoned. She has since been living in community.

The area of ​​health, nutrition, yoga, therapies, shamanism are my main areas of development and interest as well as organic garden.

This year I will mainly give the massage Kusum Modak because it was a therapy with huge success in the last Boom.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage - Kusum Modak

It is a vigorous therapeutic massage that works energy points, marmas and nadis of the body, physical, emotional and mental ... it is relaxing and deep, it treats contractures and muscular tension, circulatory system, respiratory because it works with all the dochas, mainly element air, ensures a general well-being of the whole body.


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