Margarida Lopes

Margarida Lopes

Margarida Lopes

In her early years, her parents became yoga teachers and vegetarians. Since then, she has been practicing yoga, meditation and swimming, one of her favourite activities. Maybe water allows her to master the Fire that lives within.

The 18 years she worked in a bank enabled her financial independence, the study in distinct areas and, at the same time, made her forget about the freedom that comes from living in nature.

When she hit 40 years old, she was reborn as a Woman and began to remember who she truly was. So she started  studying and now she practices Reiki, Osteopathy, Kiromassage and Kinesiology. That's how she learned to facilitate her healing and that of others.

Later, she did 4 Vision Quests, interspersed with 2 Sun Dance ceremonies, and began conducting Sacred Fire ceremonies (Temazcal). Today, she feels that her connection to Fire is what connects her to her existence here, in Mother Earth, and what guides her on the path to Love and Freedom.


A complementary medicine of evaluation and treatment, which reestablishes the lost mobility favoring the necessary balance to the muscular-skeletal, visceral and sacro-cranial system.

Manual massage with a set of movements such as kneading, friction, pressure, percussion and vibration. It also uses passive kinesiotherapy appropriate to each situation such as stretching, joint mobilizations and pulls. It acts on the bone, muscle and circulatory structures, nervous and respiratory system of the body, in the blood and lymphatic circulation, creating effective states of relaxation and tension relief.

Reiki is a system of energy healing and rebalancing through the transmission of universal energy through the imposition of hands

Kinesiology allows to know structural, nutritional, emotional and energetic imbalances through muscular tests.

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