Maurizio Stentella

Maurizio Stentella

Maurizio Stentella

Maurizio has been dedicating his past 25 years to the "inner search". Beginning with Yoga practice and meditation, he had the opportunity to begin exploring the body and the various aspects of the mind, beginning to know his  "biological machine". Experimenting the effects of impermanence has helped him to develop acceptance and no-attachment. Understanding, in a young age, the importance of feeling love unconditionally has allowed him to develop equanimity and to try to see the beauty in all. Practice and application in the studies have led him to a new vision of this fantastic dream that is life, and subsequent studies and the practice of massage body work techniques, Ortho-Bionomy, Thai massage, Tibetan bells and feet reflexology, and a constant and profound work on himself, allow to devote himself today to facilitate the path to the self-healing of the individual.


This holistic and pain-free technique is highly effective in working with chronic stress, injuries and pain associated with postural and structural imbalances, chronic conditions like headaches and back pain, and emotional issues, is successfully used to help people with a variety of health complaints, embraces principles of osteopathy, homeopathy and martial arts.

It is a gentle, non-invasive approach to creating balance and reducing pain. Positional release is one of its many techniques. It operates through the nervous system, relying on the body's own self-corrective mechanism. It works on all physiological levels, including energetic.

The body has a natural tendency to resist force or pain. A non-painful approach allows for change to occur internally rather than be imposed from outside, and tends to be longer lasting.

Ortho-Bionomy┬« helps people break the cycle of pain without creating pain.  These benefits generally continue after the session is finished.

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