Miguel Ângelo

Miguel Ângelo

Miguel Ângelo

Conscious of the learning process we are going through as a society, he'd like to contribute, to help people raise their physical, mental and spiritual awareness. To learn and teach in this project is a wonderful opportunity for him as a person and as a professional…

Miguel was pleased to attend three years of teaching assistant. Since then, Shiatsu is part of his life. He understood through living experiences, all dynamics of the human being can sum up into a Macro Consciousness present in the Universe, imprinted in our DNA as an ancestral code. As so, he respects this eternal evolutionary process, and intends to apply it. Becoming more and more aware of this process, leads to a new state of conscious and to develop new tools to connect with all the phenomena of inner and external nature…

Shiatsu / Quiromassage

Pressure of the finger is the meaning of the Japanese term “Shiatsu”, treatment method that seeks recovery and maintenance of the health. It is a therapeutic art where as much the therapist as the receiver are benefitted, (giving / receiving). It can be a great teaching, how to take care of us own…

This therapeutic Art restores maximum mobility, corrects posture imbalance, promoting internal communication, bringing the mind closer to the body and so spiritual awareness can emerge. This happens because this corporal work actives the Parasympathetic nervous system and this part of the brain is responsible to Self Body Repair Ability…Calling blood and nervous supply to more fragile body areas.


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