Mirko Betz

Mirko Betz

Mirko Betz

Mirko was born in Germany, and in 1999 moved to Los Angeles to work as a screenwriter in Hollywood. In 2010 he gave up all personal possessions, and started practicing a Semi Nomadic Lifestyle since. He lived the life of a Monk in a Zen Monastery for 6 months, practicing with a 90 year old Zen Buddhist Master, after which he embarked on the sacred pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Working with Abuelita Ayahuasca in Mexico for 4 years, he now fully devotes himself to his Shamanic initiation work. Based on his own personal Healing & Awakening process. Combining 18 years of real life practice, Mirko now offers his unique mixture of practical and simple healing methods, serving people from all over the world to bring the spirit of Love, Awakening and Inner Peace into their everyday lives. Mirko is not a shaman, healer, teacher or guru in the traditional sense of the word, he simply shares passionately what he himself has still to learn and master.



Self-Love, Heal Inner Child

In this specially designed one-on-one session, you will (maybe for the first time in your life?) experience true self love for you and your Inner Child. You will experience yourself in your being without the noise and interpretations of your mind. If you are now hoping for more explanations and descriptions so that your mind can analyze it, then I have to disappoint you. This process cannot be explained, it must be experienced.

Compassionate (nonviolent) communication (NVC):

With the NVC you learn to improve your communication, to communicate your needs in an honest, friendly and peaceful way clearly, directly and explicitly. The Work by Byron Katie: You will learn a simple, powerful and practical way to identify, question and dissolve all your stressful thoughts.


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