Nuno Param

Nuno Param

Nuno Param

Nuno Param dedicated a great part of his life, studying and experimenting what is known to be one of the most powerful synchronicity amplifiers available nowadays: The Maya calendar.

In the Year 2000 he took part on the creation of the Galactic Peace Garden, where he lived for already 17 years. There he putted in practice all he learned related the Maya Wisdom, and as so, soon it became an experiment of synchronicity applied into the collective consciousness of an intentional community, the result was: Art, Spirituality, Sacredness, Celebration in alignment with time and space..

In 2004, while celebrating the 1st Day Out of Time, doors were being opened to a movement ready to spread-out the cosmic seeds of the New Born Galactic Culture.

His visionary perspective of the Mayan Calendar uniting ancient and contemporary views, takes part on the latest chapter of the Mayan Cosmic History, in empowering herself with the best of all traditions. He released in 2013 a 13 Moon Calendar which unites the two forces (ancient count and dreamspell count) and since then he has been teaching a bit everywhere.


Mayan Astrology Integrative reading

The Maya reading can be seen more as a personal activator of the “magical self” than a personal divinatory exploration, nevertheless it will provide you a good picture of what to expect from life itself.

It is more than anything a journey that starts with the potential that can be accessed “right now”.

The Maya source of knowledge is above all things used in an individual sense to see clearly that potential “, and ultimately to guide through an initiation of acceptance of his/her own cosmic destiny.

As you accept and understand, you cease to “look for”, creating a space of inner peace, where creative powers emerge by themselves.

In this reading you will also have a look at “transitory” potentials and for last the opportunity to take home a base knowledge that will allow you to decode friends and relatives.

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