Therapist Massage, Yoga teacher and Acroyoga addict, Healing is what make her breathe and love her everyday life. Connected to The Earth, herself and every living being, she travelled a lot In Australia and New Zealand where she found her passion and goal in life : Being a Healer.

Sharing with people the benefits of Touching, listening and taking care of ourselves is what she has been doing, from festival to festival, for a few years now.

Paulina is also a hula hoop dancer and teacher, a musician, an artist, a human in love with life and this world. In the idea to change it and be a part of this change, blessings and love to all.

Intuitive Balinese Massage

Traditional Balinese Massage is an ancient deep tissue massage that involves the use of oils. The practitioner uses deep pressure to release areas of tense knotted tissue taking you into a sense of « MANTRA » (MAN, meaning mind, TRA is to deliver) meditation to connect and facilitate a Healing process for the body on all three levels: Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually. Intuitive Balinese Massage incorporates whole body massage techniques with your intuition to create a meditative state of relaxation to balance and heal the body.


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