Inspired by the words of Lao Tse "Tao is the first cause of the universe" and “Tao is The Way," she fell in love with the study of the cycles of life and how to harmonise the body with these rhythms of nature. She is grateful to Professor Balkrishna and to her teachers from Luzhou Medical  College for their inspiration and knowledge.

There in China, she learned the art of balancing the body, mind and spirit through the precise application of needles on energy points. This allows the chi to flow in the body by freeing blockages, thus bringing equilibrium to the yin and yang present in the 5 elements that are in our body. She has seen acupuncture restoring the health, natural joy and love that we are. This is a gift from the old sages and she is very happy to share in this beautiful way.


Acupuncture treats imbalances and regulates the nervous system, digestion, and urinary processes, as well as muscular tissue, bones, and skin complaints, by activating points found under the skin. Is the main practice of traditional Chinese medicine,
unlocking and harmonizing body energy (xi). Some examples: depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia, general fatigue, appetite imbalance, addiction, digestive problems, sports injuries, spinal injuries, arthritis, pain... etc.


Is a practice framed in vitalism, created in 1922 by the Japanese Buddhist monk Mikao Usui. It is based on the belief in the existence of the universal life force "Ki" (the Japanese version of the Chinese concept "Qi" (or "Chi"), manipulable through the laying on of hands to channel energy universal in the form of Ki ( Japanese:KI ) in order to re-establish a natural balance, not only spiritual, but also emotional and physical.


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