Pedro Collares

Pedro Collares

Pedro Collares

For the last 15 years Pedro have being studying different ways of using sound and music as a healing tool. His training began in Brazil where he studied musical theory and perception. In Europe formed as a therapist by the International Association of Sound Therapy, and Sound Massage by Peter Hess methodology. On several travels to India he graduated as Hatha Yoga instructor, Yoga therapy and Deeksha Trainer. Visited ashrams and schools of self-knowledge, learning different meditation techniques and the art of Mantra singing. The search for a deeper meaning on music brought him to specialize in different therapeutic sounds such as: Hang, Didgeridoo, Gong, Tibetan and Quartz Singing Bowls, Ngoni and others.



 Sound Massage

The sound massage is a restorative treatment that takes you a deep state of relaxation. It is very effective for reducing stress, relieve physical and emotional pain.
A part of increasing the immune system the feelings of wellbeing and inner harmony are some of the benefits of this massage. We combine the harmonizing sounds of Tibetan Bowls, Therapeutic Tuning Forks that work on the bones level. Shamanic Drum, Didgeridoo and Overtone Singing can also be used if needed.


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