Péter Hári

Péter Hári

Péter Hári  (AyurPress)

Péter Hári (38), co-founder of a Hungarian family-based Ayurveda-related book publisher and health center. They are translating and publishing Ayurveda / Yoga books, providing health services like Ayurvedic massage and producing herbs for making organic cosmetics. In the summertime, they take part in different festivals with an independent health stall.

He learned Ayurvedic massage from two sources – first from his girlfriend and mate, Zsuzsanna Fehér (who had brought her techniques from her master from Kerala) and later a different style from Krishna Kumar, the head therapist of the greatest Ayurvedic therapy center of Hungary. He has given independent ayurvedic massage sessions for over 5 years.



Abhyanga (Ayurvedic body massage)

Ayurvedic massage is a key part of Ayurvedic therapies. The relatively big amount of hot medicated oil, and the long, continuous and repetitive strokes give the patient a highly relaxed body and mind. Normally a session is about 90 minutes, but regarding Boom policy of 50 minutes sessions, I will do a shorter version, which is a „half- Abhyanga”, containing a back, a leg and a shoulder / neck massage in one posture, without any breaks. Since the Ayurvedic massage (oil type, applied force etc.) could be different according to the patient’s dosha (body / personality type), if you do not know this and book for a therapy, please feel free to fill in a dosha test before the session. Before or after my daily work, I gladly help you to interpret your results and give some nutritional advices as well.


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