Petra grew up in the Mountains of Switzerland and has always been fascinated by the Night sky and the Stars. She had a feeling that all is connected and interwoven.

After 7 years of studying she completed with a master's degree in Philosophy and Literature at the University of Zurich. She still had a great interest for all kinds of questions so she followed my passion for the Stars and Painting and studied Psychological Astrology for 4 years at the SFER and Art Therapy for 3 years at the IAC in Switzerland. Meditation was always important in her lifejourney.

She has  an intense and passionate 7 years experience in analyzing birth charts and she is still amazed by the clarity and sense that the stars bring into our lives. She speaks fluently English, German and French and I can express myself in Italian and in Spanish.



Psychological Astrology

We are all part of the cosmos. Astrology is one of the oldest disciplines of mankind that helps to understand the cosmos and our interbeing with the Universe.

As a reliable tool for personal growth Astrology supports us by visualizing our potential and hindrances in life by giving us hints about our personal purpose in a spiritual sense as well as on our earth journey.

REeading of your Birth Chart Mandala

Every person has a unique Birthchartmandala. The birth date, birth time, and birthplace is all you need to get your Mandala.

A reading in your Birthchartmandala is a realization of  your patterns in connection with your potential. So during a reading there are often revelations about how the stars encourage you – to be 100% yourself ;)

A Birthchartreading includes a copy of your Birthchartmandala and a recording, both help you to remember and deepen your understanding. (So bring a recording device with you...)

Art Therapy

Art Therapy believes in the creative potential in every human being and often this innermost force already holds themes and possible ways that our conscious mind is not yet aware of. Art Therapy is process oriented and creates space that our souls can express itself freely. When we are ready we become aware of blockages and treasures hiding within ourselves. That's why I combine my astrological readings sometimes with Art expression.



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